EDSA 1 People Power

Twenty six years ago people flocked to EDSA to support the military conspirator Colonel Gringo Honasan(now a Senator), Defence Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile(now a Senator and Senate President), General Fidel Valdez Ramos(became Philippine President) upon Cardinal Jaime Sin call to the people. He called upon innocent Manileños, hakot crowds, communists and the Yellow Army to gather in EDSA to support the rebels. Civillians unaware of the events were thrown in harms way. “People Power” was born. Cory Aquino a reluctant housewife with no experience in politics or governing any government agencies was absent during that time. She admitted she was in Cebu together with the nuns during that time. Common sense would dictate she didn’t led the revolution so to speak.

The revolution was so peaceful and non-violent by the combined forces of the following:

1. The Cardinal

2. Opposition forces

3. The Oligarch(few rich people)

4. The communists

5. The break away military officers.

Ending President Ferdinand Marcos’ 20 year rule. It symbolizes the down fall of a Tyranny. The police estimated crowds who went to EDSA to 2-3 million. According to NSO(National Statistics Office) that time,  population in the Philippines was 55,895,000 breathing soul. Let’s do the Math, It was only 2% of the population went to EDSA and so they call it “DEMOCRACY” “REVOLUTION” “DIVINE INTERVENTION”. What about those 53 million who didn’t joined the so called “REVOLUTION”. Would anybody from the Yellow even asked them how they feel that time?

Where are we now? The Philippines remain a country where power lies at the hands of a few rich families. The 1987 Constitution is flawed. Poor becomes poorer the rich becomes richer. The economy relies for the remittance of millions of our OFW who can’t find good job to provide for their families.

What have you done to my fellow country men? You’ve robbed them of their dignity. You have deceived them many times over. And they embrace your lies with what’s little left of their ignorant sanity and empty stomach.

The Aquino family did nothing to eradicate if not eliminate corruption and poor life condition of Filipinos. Although democracy was restored it can’t feed the stomach of hungry Filipinos alone. The 1987 Constitution is what Cory gave us and it is crystal clear that it’s flawed. It is defective. I am not a lawyer but I listen to all lawyers when it is being debated. They are not just an ordinary lawyers they were Constitutionalist or an expert of law. One provision of the defective Constitution is the foreign ownership of land. From my understanding foreign ownership of land or business here is not 100% in which it should be. Other rich countries have 100% ownership of land if they decided to acquire. The result of that provision is that foreign business men don’t want to put their business here because they can not own it all. That’s common sense if you are on their shoe you do the same. That’s the legacy of the 1986 People Power Revolution. The rise of the Oligarch that Marcos abolished. I am not for Marcos or for Cory this is not about them. This is my humble observation on where we are now after 26 years of EDSA.

End of the story.























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