Let’s go random

Como estas?

It’s been quite sometime since I’ve a entered a blog entry for the reason that I really don’t understand. I think I’m burnt out. A lot of things has happened in my life since the last time I wrote an entry.  Good and bad, mostly bad things has happened.

Okay listen. I’m going to get real here. I’m writing right now because for some inexplicable reason, I really don’t know how I will put this into writings but hey, read between the lines.

One of the hardest story, that I have ever told, no hope, or love, or glory, happy endings gone forever more. I feel as if I’m wasting, and I waste every day of my life doing nothing. Now let’s go random here.

Things I’d love to do before I die.

Number 1: I would love to travel the world. Not only to see the beautiful places, but also the places that are abandoned. As well as the places that don’t need money to be rich in culture. I want to hold the hands of random beings and learn from them (for I am sure that they have so much to teach that would be brand new to my ears). I want to be the small child that soaks up everything said and done around them.

Number 2: I would really love to be the founder of something wonderful. Something completely unheard of…that would change others life, Hey, it could happen.

Number 3: I would really LOVE for my life to actually mean something. I mean, of course it MEANS something…considering that I am living a life, breathing air, I don’t go hungry, and I have a circle of friends that would blow your mind (and confuse you all at once, but hey, I love that group of beautiful dysfunction).

Number 4: I would love to be the inspiration of a young mind. I want him/her to strive for everything that they’ve always wanted. I want to be the person that helped them get where they wanted to be. I would want nothing in return, EXCEPT a smile and hug.

Number 5: I would love to make a difference. I would love everyone to not conform in feeble desire of life.

Number 6: I would love for Number 5 to truly happen….sometime soon….very soon.

Number 7: I would love to meet the President. We could talk about anything but politics. I want to meet “him,” not who he has become.

Much better if you play the link below while reading. Lol