This Must Be Love



All my life, I have been ruled by fear — a powerful, underlying emotion that has determined much of my behavior. I was never conscious of this driving force, nor the stranglehold it’s had on me, until a year ago when my greatest fear was realized.

Meet Majoy, She is an OFW. A nurse by profession and a modern day hero.

My journey in search of Love came to an end when I first met you. I vividly remember the day we first saw each other. It was in a mall and I thought you’re a child because of your height, and that’s just it. Everything just fell into what we have now and what we will have into the future. I am fortunate and glad that I met you and fall in love with you because you showed me what I need in my life. I had no idea what to do in my life until you stepped in.

You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my life. I have never seen such a great person than you and neither can there be a great person other than you for me in this life. You took care of me with all your life when I was the most vulnerable, I didn’t even know what I was and who I am, until you came. You just loved me unconditionally even when I let you down many times.

Do not be surprised when you hear me say this, but I must say it. I must say this to you. It is you, listening the word, at the most distressed situation in my life, I was able to forget my pains. It is you, seeing which in my difficult times, made me conclude; one day there will be U turn towards happiness in my life. It was you which helped me express different words in the most distressed situation in my life. And it is you, which helps expressing many words of happiness today. I Love You.


I am looking forward for more adventures together. I miss you big time and I’ll see you soon.